USP of Fibtec Mandrels.
1. Fibtec Mandrels are supplied with Bell-ends which is manufactured by machining the FRP after building the required thickness. Conventionally mandrels are manufactured by grinding the FRP portion over the entire length of the mandrel and hence do not provide bell-end.

2. Bell-end mandrels eliminate the need for separate coupler mandrels. Also, bell-end pipes reduce the number of joints by half when compared to coupler type joints.

3. Fibtec provides end-holders specifically to suit every type of filament winding machine. This involves varied diameters, length and configuration. Traditionally mandrels are provided with stub type end-holders that can be used only in chuck type drives of filament winding machines. Chuck type drives are not desirable for large diameter mandrels because of slippage it will cause during filament winding.

4. Fibtec can supply even one or two mandrels at a time.

5. Fibtec can undertake repair of mandrels damaged during operation or modify the mandrels to suit new machines.

6. Life of the mandrel: The life of the mandrel depends on its maintenance. We have reference of this type of mandrel being used for making over 3000 pipes before taking it up for maintenance. Even if the FRP surface is damaged due to collision with machinery during operation, the mandrel can be repaired in the factory with fresh FRP material and grinding the surface to smooth finish.

7. Surface finish of the mandrel: Normally the mandrel surface will be finished by grinding with 80 grit size emery. Mirror like glossy finish can be provided. However, the cost of that finish will be very expensive. A better solution is to wind 30 micron Mylar film of 200 to 300 mm width on the mandrel before applying the resin. This will ensure that the resin never comes in contact with the mandrel and also facilitate extraction. After the extraction, the film can be removed from the inside of the pipe.

8. Advantages of GRP Mandrels:
    1. Light weight. Does not overload the Filament Winding Machine or the crane.
    2. Unlike steel mandrels, any dent during operation can be repaired in the factory itself.
    3. Rust proof. Mandrel can be used from storage without emery cleaning.

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