Composite Underground Treated Water Storage Tank
‘COMPTNK’, a factory moulded Composite Underground Treatedwater Storage Tank; can be installed in a day & effective in usage on the same day.

COMPTNK is made from homogeneous type composite materials; it never allows percolation of even moisture from earth to tank or tank to earth. It is impervious.

Fib Tec maintaining standard quality in diameter, wall thickness and strength etc. Pressure and or Hydro tested as per ASTM D 4097 standards.

COMPTNK is having glassy finishing inside; growth of algae and other type of Bio-fouling considerably eliminated. As the thank MOC is not a heat conductor, evaporation of water is totally prevented.

COMPTNK not having steel rebar structure on its construction - leads good corrosion resistance even in saline water.

COMPTNK is specially designed for the life duration of minimum 75 Years.

Installation space by volume for COMPTNK is hardly 5% more than the water stored. This aspect is very crucial in areas particularly cities having acute space restriction problem.

COMPTNK can be used as overhead tank, since 13500 litres capacity tank is having only 700 kilograms by weight.

COMPTNK can be supplied with inside partitions & required number of nozzles to meet the specific needs of the clients.

COMPTNK can be transportable by commercial vehicle as its dimension is 2.3 M dia x 3.9 M Long.

COMPTNK can be shifted from one place to other, even after the usage during modification or renovations of building.

Composite Underground Treated Water Storage Tank

Composite Underground Treated Water Storage Tank

Composite Underground Treated Water Storage Tank Installation